Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Let’s talk about guitar lessons!

The benefits of music education in children is well documented. Formal study of an instrument not only develops the ability to play the instrument the child is studying, but enhances neurological development in ways that no other activity does. Dr. Suzuki understood this long before the research we have today proved it; and his method is based on one of the most natural and universal events of childhood; learning to speak. What Dr. Suzuki developed, and called the Mother Tongue approach, we know today as the Suzuki Method.

As we see music education become less and less common in school, the private study of an instrument not only enhances a child’s learning when they are in school, but affords them an opportunity to develop a community outside of their classroom: a community based on a way of communicating that is universal, creative, expressive, and with the ability to bridge the gap between our many languages. A smile and a song require no translation.

“Perhaps it is music that will save the world.” -Dr. Suzuki